Next up in our Blue Note Records Blog series is PMAC faculty member, Alicia Phelps who tells us about Chick Corea’s influence on her as a young student!

“I first heard Chick Corea’s playing as a 19-year-old student on the album Play, a live recording released in 1992 with Bobby McFerrin. There is a buoyancy, surrender and joy that pours out of their collaboration of six (too short!) well-worn standards. In short, two musicians put down all pretense of performance and simply “play”, not as I had ever conceived in my practice room in college, but as children do. Hearing their versions of Spain and Blue Bossa for the first time felt like magic, and completely redirected my goalposts for what collaboration between two people could and should be. Bobby and Chick dive into each piece unreservedly and brilliantly, and while such a state of music-making still sometimes feels out of reach, each time I return to this album I remember what it truly means to let the music make itself. Go listen to this album!” – Alicia Phelps

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