West End Master Series

This free series offers intimate and engaging talks by renowned area artists, curators, historians, and more. We have enjoyed visits from weaver and textile artist Sarah Haskell, multimedia sculptor Michael Stasiuk, glass artist Kristina Logan, sculptor and installation artist Kim Bernard, curator Mary Harding, photographer David Murray, and installation artist Carly Glovinski, among others. A new artist is featured at each event, and the series is free and open to the public and audiences of all ages! No registration necessary.

“Do You See Red?”

Sunday, September 29

Mary Jo Brown of Brown & Company Design curated PMAC’s latest exhibit, entitled “Red She Said”. Brown’s WEMS talk will be all about the color red: “Do you see red? I do! I was thrilled to curate the current ‘Red She Said’ exhibit at PMAC and revel in my adoration of red. Now come hear me talk about the science and symbolism of red, and share a few secrets about my all time favorite color.”


Mary Jo Brown

Past Lectures

“From Mediocrity to Mastery”


May 5, 3 PM @ PMAC

“This is the journey from mediocre struggling hobbyist to a full time artist and instructor. After 10 years of slow and painful efforts to make a good painting, a chance move to Boston and a search for art classes introduced her to The Academy of Realist Art Boston. The techniques she learned there and the communities she joined along the way turned what seemed like an unrealistic dream into a reality.”


Julie Beck, Assistant Director of the Academy of Realist Art in Boston

“Change and Renewal as a Painter”

March 24

Grant Drumheller, UNH Art Professor

“Choosing a Creative Life”

January 27

Cheryle St. Onge, Artist

Creativity is innate, its value is well established in our day to day life and is often a highly sought attribute in our career path. It is unique to each of us and yet we often do very little to feed that wellspring. Come and hear some ideas and consider some ways to bring your creative point of view into your day to day and beyond into whatever your interests or drive may be. 

“Sketching in Baghdad”

November 11

Steve Medeiros, Special Veterans Day Artist Lecture

“Sketching in Baghdad” will be a talk relaying Steve Medeiros’ personal perspective on how art changed and evolved throughout his life so far. Being his constant companion in childhood, pausing in adulthood and subsequently reigniting during his Military Service. He will recount observations of Army life and serving in a combat zone.

The artist will also discuss how his experience of atelier training at The Academy of Realist Art Boston has elevated his painting from being a mere hobby to a meaningful creative outlet.

“PROCESS: The Art of Curation”

September 16

Ali Goodwin, Curator of Drift Contemporary Art Gallery discusses her process for curating international and award-winning exhibitions from the heart.

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